WELCOME TO THE LEGENDARY BIG CHIEF MONK BOUDREAUX'S OFFICIAL WEBSITE  -- The New Orleans Mardi Gras Indian phenomenon is part music, part heritage, part ancestry, part revelry, part fashion, and often misunderstood. Chief Monk Boudreaux is one of the most famous and enduring leaders of that culture and head of the Golden Eagle Mardi Gras Indian tribe & a member of the Legendary Wild Magnolias. He admitted that he shared those feelings of confusion related to those traditions that he embraced long before he fully grasped them & now the world must know just WHAT IS A MARDI GRAS INDIAN........Big Chief Monk Boudreaux   




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"As a member of the venerated Wild Magnolias, Big Chief Monk Boudreaux played a key role in bringing the locally revered Mardi Gras Indian tradition to national and international prominence. In New Orleans, his persona is as indelible and cherished as any of his more widely renowned cohorts. On his latest album, Rising Sun, which also features Cherokee sage Reverend Goat Carson, Boudreaux comes out blazing with “Golden Crown,” a pulsating blues rocker that seeks to capture the excitement and anticipation of setting out with the Big Chief and his tribe on a Mardi Gras morning.

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Won't Bow Down - Offbeat Magazine nominated Won't Bow Down for a 2012 Off Beat Music Awards -

Won’t Bow Down is produced by Keven Brennan. It features special guests Dr. John (piano), Papa Mali (guitar and vocals), Jim Keltner (drums), Orgone, War Chief Juan Pardo, Jason Ricci, John Lisi, Ru Williams, and Monk’s son Joseph Boudreaux Jr.

Won't Bow Down is a must have Mardi Gras Indian CDs


Big Chief Monk Boudreaux Records New CD In Jamaica

In March following Mardi Gras in New Orleans Big Chief Monk Boudreaux, guitarist Damon Fowler, photographer Jerry Moran, manager Rueben Williams, and Kim " Nappy" Niles went to Kingston Jamaica to record music with engineer Stephen Stanley ( David Burnes, Tom Tom Club, Gregory Isaac, Stephen Marley) and Further Notice's Unga and Welsh (Jimmy Cliff).  Stay tuned for more details and check out some of Jerry Moran's great shots of the session and Monk's trip to Nine Mile to the birth and burial place of Reggae Legend Bob Marley. Go to pictures here.

Big Chief Monk Boudreaux - Cover of Offbeat Magazine 2013

The clouds are gathering and darkening over the corner of 2nd and Dryades on Mardi Gras 2013. Rain has been forecast. The streets are crowded, and the once organized but now chaotic spread of the  Golden Eagles Mardi Gras Indian Gang is trying to assemble to make their move back to home base on Valence and Magnolia. Grown women dressed in Crayola-toned stockings, short-shorts, and baby doll bonnets mill about with drinks or flasks in their hands. A couple of guys with clumps of Spanish moss hot glued onto pants and shirts contemplate the weather and the wondrous mix of deep spirit and sheer, stumbling comedy that this scene always possesses. (confession- I am one of those Mossmen.") Indians resplendant in bright yellow ostrich-feathered head dresses, torquoise trim, and intricate beaded patches gather next to homeboys in baseball caps holding bass drums--Read More Here


Monk in the Louisiana Weekly

Mardi Gras Indian chants often tell the history of the gangs and their experiences, encounters and battles on the streets. On Monk Boudreaux’s latest album, Won’t Bow Down, the renowned Big Chief of the Golden Eagles makes it more personal with many of the tunes offering insights about his life as both a Black Indian and a man.   Read More Here
South Louisiana guitarist Tab Benoit, the main voice for the Voice of the Wetlands (VOW), is both a musician and an advocate for the restoration of coastal Louisiana. For most of VOW's Saturday set, he was the former. Jumpin' Johnny Sansone barked "The Lord is Waiting and the Devil is Too," the title track of his new CD. Backing bands don't come much better than the one behind Sansone: George Porter Jr. on bass, Stanton Moore on drums, Anders Osborne and Benoit on guitars, Waylon Thibodeaux on fiddle, Cyril Neville on percussion, visiting West Coast pianist Mitch Woods at the keys. Sansone shouted at the devil between bouts of end-of-the-line harmonica.

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